Abu Dhabi TV NOW

Android & iOS app built on PhoneGap to show what shows are currently playing. It contains some advanced features like Live Streaming, reminders, share and Video on Demand. Download: Apple App Store – Google Play. Read more →


Aliqtisadi Prayer

Aliqtisadi Prayer is a simple clock widget that tells you the time left till the next Muslim Prayer, and the timetable of today’s prayers. This page was branded for, which is the largest economic news agency in the MENA region. You can view the page yourself at the following link: Read more →

AN@S Online

The personal blog of Anas Marrawi, one of the Arabic content leaders on the web as nominated by Arageek [Arabic]. The website was built using WordPress. The work included performance optimization and SEO compatibility improvements. It also included creating some custom widgets. Read more →

The RTLer

The RTLer is a small piece of software that can flip (almost) any website from LTR to RTL. It scans the css file of a given theme and generates a flipped version that is automatically recognized by WordPress. Thus making the development of multilingual themes much easier. I have developed it in 2010 and it’s written in PHP. It’s available now… Read more →